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UN Agencies and iNGO Training services

We provide a wide range of specialized training courses designed to deliver the best outcome to all learners. our portfolios are unlimited, they include on-job and per-employment modules that cover:

  • Accountability and Learning. ‎
  • Appraisals. ‎
  • Business Management. ‎
  • Camp Coordination and Management. ‎
  • Community Mobilizing. ‎
  • Compliance, Protection and Gender Related Issues. ‎
  • Conflict Resolution.
  • Diplomatic Studies and International Relations.
  • Feasibility Studies.‎
  • Financial and Accounting Management. ‎
  • Human Resources Management. ‎
  • Monitoring and Evaluation. ‎
  • Non Governmental Organization Management. ‎
  • Operations, Procurement, Logistic and Supply Chain Management. ‎
  • Peace Building. ‎
  • Program and Project Development. ‎
  • Program and Project Management. ‎

Other training courses and services are available on demand. Our course portfolios are being contentiously updated.

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UN Agencies and iNGO Training services
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